Big Internet is dead. Long live the WISP.

(Published via Harketh)

Harketh, as solely online entity, is a bit obsessed with it’s internet service. Throw on the personal gaming, Netflixing, and hunting through the vast lands that comprise the web,  we spend a fair amount of time chewing up bandwidth.

One problem though- we suddenly found our internets hobbled. Closed in a cage of data limits and exceptionally overpriced fees if we tried to escape said cage. Not to mention the long term contracts, bad customer service, and shoddy connection at peak hours of the day.

Enter, Plains Internet. A WISP (wireless internet service provider) based out of Amarillo, TX where internet is hard to come by outside of the Big Internet Douchebags. They don’t do data caps, there’s no contract, and they take care of any issues we run into. Plus, we were able to use our own router. Their price was far cheaper ($70 a month), and we can cancel any time we’d like. Amarillo wireless internet, along with the surrounding areas, is pretty hard to come by, and these guys could easily charge out the wazzoo for the customers that either go internetless or with Plains Internet. But they don’t, because they actually care about their customers.

I know, this sounds like an ad. And heck, if you’re in the Panhandle of Texas like us, take it as one and go give them a shout.

Here’s their official advertising, if you’re into that sort of thing:

But this isn’t really the point. Sure it’s awesome to have a good relationship with an internet provider, and giving a shout out to ours isn’t too uncommon. The real point is a relationship with a service provider that can actually take care of you, and get you what you want.

These WISPs can be found in most cities, usually a small business run by a handful of people. More importantly, they’re the ones who provide internet to rural areas, hard to reach customers, and those who have finally given up on dealing with the Big Internet Douchebags. They survive on providing exceptional services to small companies. If you’re ready to jump ship to someone you can trust, here’s a decently comprehensive directory.

These guys are everywhere, seriously. You live up in the mountains? Bam, there’s probably a WISP running around throwing towers up on the peaks and blasting the nectar-of-the-gods Wi-Fi all over the area. Remote farm so you can raise chickens to do battle for you but had to sacrifice internet? No longer shall you suffer such a dilemma.

So go break the chains, find yourself a WISP that will take care of you. You owe it to the world.


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